File Folder Size Legal Half cut tab Color Burgundy Pack 100


Eco-friendly and colorful. 1/2 cut reversible tab for a double-lined filing system. Use our colored file folders to better organize your office space. Made with ageing-resistant paper, making the colors less prone to fade over time. The product has 3 incorporated horizontal fold-lines at the bottom allowing for a tidier handling of bulky document. 100% post-consumer recycled material. 10 ½ pt stock. 100 per box. Made in Canada.

Product Content Standards:


  • Blue Angel certified paper
  • Acid Free (No acid was used to produce this product)
  • Ageing-resistant
  • 100% post-consumer recycled material


  • produced under stringent quality-assurance system & standards prescribed by ISO 9001
  • Certified for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • 100% recycled fibers with minimum 60% post-consumer waste.